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ASEE Service Center 24x7

 iBank platform’s benefits

  • Efficient, flexible and cost-effective
  • Service-oriented architecture – SOA
  • Easy and simple, Click Once installation and update of the application
  • Support for end-to-end PKI security, with a wide range of other authorization and authentication options
  • Multilingual support (easy to introduce a new language)
  • Modular functionalities
  • Audit of all user actions
  • Standardized Core banking interface (CoreAPI)

A number of other solutions from Asee portfolio, such as Digital Edge omnichannel solution, Digital Origination sales and underwriting solution, Live collaboration solution with contact center functionalities, PSD2 Enabler solution for compliance with PSD2, Payment Gateway and AssePI for financial institutions, can also be used in the SaaS model offered by the Service Centre. It is the only e-banking provider that offers live support 24x7 for Payment gateway and seamless operation of the instant payment system.

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