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InACT Anti-Fraud Solutions

Internal Fraud Prevention

Benefits of InACT Internal Fraud Management Solution

  • Identify unusual behaviors and hidden relationships through predictive anomaly detection and financial relationship network analysis
  • Reduce workload of internal control staff and auditors by detecting internal & external misconduct activities through standardized and automated workflows  
  • Increase the detection rate by reading data from different sources, databases, manual files or data warehouses  
  • Detect misconduct activities with predictive anomaly detection methods, which users cannot identify by themselves  
  • Discover organized misconduct activities financial relationship network analysis 
  • Distribute workload among fraud staff by creating work list of risky transactions  
  • Keep the history of risky transactions with case analysis and use intelligent methods to detect anomalies  
  • Examine risky transactions with the highest risk score first through a risk- based approach which displays the risks associated with various entities such as customer, employee, and branch  
  • Provide auditing by keeping track of all inquiries and changes made through the application  
  • Allow users to create complicated scenarios using GUI-based scenario creation wizard


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