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InACT Anti-Fraud Solutions

Relationship Network Analysis

Outstanding Features of Visual Relationship Analysis Solution

Visual Relationship Analysis reveals fraud rings across multiple channels.

Advanced Search allows making searches across internal and external data sources.

Advanced Graph Display allows users to view suspicious money transfers and relationships among various entities.   

On Demand Data Logic draws instant data.

Flexible Engine integrates with other external applications. Nodes, edges, data sources and queries are all flexible and can be defined by end-users.  

Core Benefits of Visual Relationship Analysis Solution

  • Detect and prevent fraud with relationship network analysis by discovering financial and non-financial relationships such as who knows whom  
  • Empower your organization by proactively identifying organized fraud rings  
  • View real-time information on a dynamic screen which gives controllers immediate and iconographic display  
  • Reveal who is who and who knows whom on user-friendly charts and take actions with alerts  
  • Reduce time and cost so users won’t have to dig in external data resources





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