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Omnichannel sales and servicing

Experience Branch

Experience Customer Insight Module

The solution efficiently supports sales and servicing activities on assisted channels, including the continuation of processes initiated through other channels. 

With a modern sales product catalog and flexible pricing, lead management, and capability to tightly integrate with the core system during (not only after) the sales process, it is a powerful sales tool which seamlessly integrates sales with banking core business. It comes with included performance monitoring system: the ability to set sales targets and to track target realization.

Teller module supports a wide range of customer services such as cash deposits and withdrawals, payments, money transfers, and other. It enables single settlement for multiple cash transactions at the end of the customer servicing session, with a denomination structure entry. It comes with an included cash and inventory management system that enables maintenance of various inventory stores such as cash desks and treasury vaults, and managing movements between these stores. 

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