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LeaseFlex-Financial & Operational Leasing

Manage lifecycle of leases, assets, guarantees, and insurances

LeaseFlex provides financial & operational leasing companies to manage full life cycle of leases and assets with new business strategies in line with the global changes.

To leverage the overall capabilities of your company, LeaseFlex addresses the growing needs in leasing and equipment finance in the realms of Enterprise Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Management, Risk Management and Process Performance Management using the latest, web-based technologies.

To improve your top-line growth, LeaseFlex assists you in identifying sales and business opportunities with your customers, channel partners, and suppliers. To downstream order management with your growth, LeaseFlex integrates your knowledge, specialized expertise, and methods over a single unified platform.


Benefit from the Synergies of the Electronic Ecosystem in the Omni-Channel World

LeaseFlex helps you manage full lifecycle of leases and assets by providing improved customer engagement and consistent experience as it allows you to offer more services across all channels.

LeaseFlex enhances the communication lines between your organization and all your internal and external constituencies using the latest web technologies.

To realize targeted business benefits, all channels facilitate harmonizing and synergizing your customer, sales, and supplier relationships.  

Manage Customer, Sales, and Channel Knowledge with 360 Degree Perspective for all Business Relationships

Combining enterprise-wide financial functionality with advanced CRM capabilities, LeaseFlex manages and provides easy access to customer and sales channel knowledge base.

  • Effective management of prospect and current customer data with flexible segmentation tools
  • 360 degree perspective for all business relationships customer and its affiliates, suppliers, channel dealers, vendors, shareholders, and guarantors
  • Centralized monitoring of risk for all customer, customer affiliates, vendor, and guarantors
  • Centralized online reporting of operational and financial data for all third parties and customer info from other modules

Foresee Your Risks in Advance

LeaseFlex provides enhanced tools for risk management and monitoring of the outstanding risk for vendors, customer affiliates, shareholders and guarantors.

  • Proactive and on-the-spot access to risk
  • Instant screening of outstanding risks during the lifetime of a contract and before extending new credit
  • Online management of automated processes for notices and legal warnings
  • Advanced reporting tools for managing outstanding risk data

Competitive Advantages

  • Technology: LeaseFlex differentiates itself on the market by leveraging the latest SOA-based web technologies for end-to-end management of the lease and asset lifecycle.
  • Flexible Implementation: The robust infrastructure platform provides fast adaptability for tailor-made solutions for our customers as well as for changing requirements within the industry.
  • Best business practices: Specialized for the needs of Financial Leasing, Operating Leasing and Equipment Finance Companies, LeaseFlex increases operational efficiency with a centralized, flexible, and ready-to-use platform with best business practices.
  • Multi-product platform: LeaseFlex provides multi-product platform for financial leasing, operating leasing and equipment finance with consolidated reporting for risk and financial performance.
  • Compliancy: LeaseFlex has an infrastructure specifically developed to meet the compliance requirements of CoBIT) security audits in the finance sector.
  • Mobile Access: LeaseFlex increases the efficiency of sales teams through mobile applications enabling business continuity on the field with support for mobile devices such as PDA, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.

Outstanding Features of LeaseFlex

  • Integrated management of financial resources
  • Flexible procurement and contract management
  • Central risk management
  • Advanced call management features for faster customer service
  • Profitability on the basis of customer group, customer and contract
  • Customer portals for enhanced customer satisfaction and quick service
  • Pricing and proposal management
  • Campaign management for profitability and performance
  • Credit evaluation and approval
  • Management of collaterals
  • Contract management
  • Purchasing management
  • Management of payment plans
  • Finalization of cost
  • Payment plan revisions
  • Credit risk monitoring and management
  • Asset and services management
  • Accounting intelligence
  • Multi-layered current accounts
  • Billing and collection
  • Management of funding
  • Advanced Reporting

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