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Special offer for Payment Institutions in outsourcing mode

Payment institutions in Serbia

In compliance with the new regulation changes of 1 October 2015 in Serbia, and in accordance with the Law on Payment Services (Official gazette RS 139/2014), the payment services can be provided by legal entities whose only activity is payment operations services or legal entities with so called hybrid activities, i.e. a legal entity performing other activities which are not, or do not have to be related with payment service providing. Such legal entities are called Payment institutions. The operations which may be performed by Payment institutions include certain operations performed by banks. The innovation of additional services they are introducing by using new technology solutions and their market agility seriously increase the Payment institutions’ chances of success.

Are you familiar with the fact that by 2020 the Europe will be lacking 1 million IT experts?  Do you know that 10000 IT experts could be hired in Serbia now? Would you like to have the software supporting your business for which you do not have to hire in-house IT development, implementation and maintenance, but to develop new innovative payment services only by requesting the business functionalities which would facilitate it?  Is it fine with you that the initial investment is not high at the time when you do not know how your business plan will be realized? Would you appreciate the IT system supporting regulatory requirements? Would you like to have the software which has been proven in the banks doing the same business?

If most of your answers are positive, continue reading.

Aiming to facilitate the market providing such possibilities, and to make the Payment institutions carefree regarding technical solutions, ASEE offers its PI solution.   

In compliance with the law

Although payment institutions’ business domain is limited, they are obligated to observe the regulations.  The regulatory limitations for Payment institutions are almost the same as the ones applicable to banks. The technical, HR, posting, account management and regulatory reporting requirements which are mandatory for banking can be a challenge for smaller companies starting with development of innovative additional services. The nature of our solution is such that it can support requirements of every market segment, both regarding its functionalities and implementation capabilities - the regulations problem is resolved.

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