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New demands drive new opportunities. A deep dive into whys & hows of virtual branching

Empower your employees and clients to engage online and drive new business opportunities while meeting the highest security standards.

The insurance sector today is facing an environment of very high uncertainty. Clients still prefer human interaction and support. It results in more trust, which is crucial for all client segments but is now often unavailable.

This human component is easily established in the virtual branch. It can help you improve the relationship with the existing client base, win new clients, and build a relationship of trust, which consequently develops new revenue lines without compromising compliance or security.

As a technology provider with broad experience in the financial sector, we understand your challenges and opportunities deeply. 


In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Provide better CX by moving your physical branches online in less than a week,
  • Face challenges which will arise during this process,
  • Empower your sales force and improve their client onboarding rates,
  • Make a positive impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty,
  • Build a more flexible digital organization and optimize costs,
  • Ensure that your online business is completely safe and protected.

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