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Interest in HCE Continues to Increase

Our Survey* has shown that 72.4% of bankers see HCE (Host Card Emulation) – tapping the smartphone to a point-of-sale terminal – as the future of payments. The biggest advantage of HCE for bankers is the use of mobile devices as payment instruments which are always with us.

HCE is still young!

  1. 26.2% of bankers already use some HCE solution
  2. 73.8% of bankers don’t use any HCE solution

HCE as the payment instrument of the future!*

  1. 72.4% of bankers say yes
  2. 27.6% of bankers say no

Interest in HCE continues to increase since it is a smart, simple and open cloud solution that provides security optimization!


  • Bank:

    • Banking app can be easily enabled with HCE
    • No card issuing costs

  • Merchant

    • Faster payments
    • Better customer experience

  • Customer

    • Paying anywhere with their favorite device, with apps they love and trust
    • Full control over payment process – smartphone not handed to anyone


For more info about HCE please visit: 

*The survey was conducted among bankers of SEE Europe by Asseco SEE