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Onboarding in Bank Branches Made Easy with Digital Customer Information File by ASEE

Client onboarding is the key process between the bank and its customers, and might also be the number one reason clients visit a bank’s branch. By digitalizing this process with ASEE's new application - Digital Customer Information File (DigitalCIF), the Bank can improve customer satisfaction and reduce onboarding time, while increasing data accuracy.

Additionally, digital client onboarding offers better UX for customers, especially as they enter into their banking relationship. These tools help to significantly reduce the time spent on client onboarding and registration and allows the Bank to focus on their core services, while ensuring full compliance with regulations.

ASEE's Digital CIF application is a complete solution for frictionless client onboarding on assisted channels like branches or via agents using POS. It allows flexible configuration of all steps, making sure procedures are carried out exactly as designed. Thanks to its OCR functionality, errors in data are almost eliminated. Additionally, the application can be used for all client types.

Key functionalities offered through this application include onboarding of retail clients and prospects, as well as corporate clients and prospects and periodical update of all profiles.

By using this cost-effective solution, banks can transform their processes to more efficiently provide customer service. Find out more here.