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Accelerating Loan Processes In Credit Agricole Bank in Serbia

Supported by Asseco SEE, Credit Agricole Bank in Serbia has successfully transformed and improved its processes and offering to small businesses and entrepreneurs (SBE), thanks to the deployment of a new solution and process automation.

Aiming to strengthen its support to SBE customers and in order to unify the place for origination of all credit products and data for decision-making, the bank implemented a project which has provided a more efficient and comfortable process of credit acquisition and decision.

For a few months already, a new solution for loans, credit limit facilities, and related products has been in operation providing a significant upgrade of the customer experience since in the past SBE loan processes were not automated. In this way, SBE customers of Credit Agricole Bank in Serbia can now obtain both standard and additional bank products faster and easier, which has yielded positive feedback from the application users.

In the coming period, it is expected that additional functionalities for credit cards and documentary operations will also be deployed on the platform.