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Addressing Biggest Challenge in Most Promising Way with Asseco Anti-Money Laundering

Being competitive in the IT industry is not easy, but keeping quality and trends in one place can be challenging even for the best.

Incorporating national and international standards in order to prevent improper payments and financial abuse before they occur and providing early warning of emerging threats combined with the usage of new web technologies, Asseco SEE has developed Asseco SEE Anti Money Laundering solution, one of the most desirable in the banking sector.

The solution helps banks to reduce their risks related to money laundering and improve their ability to meet regulatory expectations. By offering a user-friendly and easy-to-access application with customized functionalities, we have managed to be the chosen AML partner in the digital world for many banks in the region.      

In 2017 only, we won 14 new projects in 9 different countries including Austria, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia. In many of these cases, ASEE was competing with the world’s top AML solution vendors, and proved that its solution is comparable, and in many cases better than the competitive solutions.