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Agile Reaction to New Customer Demands with Automated Email Dispatching

Asseco SEE is improving the digital customer experience with the latest implementation of Automated Email Dispatching in an electricity, natural gas and energy supplier in Romania.

Advanced features such as automatic categorization of emails using natural language processing, intent understanding, automatic customer identification and email categorization have been implemented. The process automation is related to the automatic generation of tickets in the Customer Care System and automatic start of workflows for solving complaints & requests. The technological stack proposed to the customer includes OCR (optical character recognition) for handwritten documents and the process has been enhanced with automatic reply to customer emails and also chatbot integration.

The solution also ensures automatic reply with personalized messages to the customers, the use of some standard and custom answers when more information from the customer is needed. The system has become a base line for other possible processes automation projects. Customers will not have to wait an average delay of almost 21 working days for their e-mail to be registered and responded to, resulting in an important decrease of the average time to solve a request/complaint.

This implementation brings great benefits by introducing modern technologies like AI, ML, NLP from Asseco SEE. These benefits are:

  • Increased customer satisfaction & shorter complaint journey (faster problem solving, fewer customer returns)
  • Eliminated ANRE fines and compensations because of delay in logging the complaints
  • Reduced overtime work
  • Unified frontend approach to bridge the gaps between different apps.