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Anadolubank Selects ASEE Live Digital Customer Onboarding Solution in Turkey

ASEE Live Digital Onboarding, the remote customer acquisition solution, is the preferred solution by leading banks and financial institutions. Anadolubank, one of Turkey’s leading banks, has selected ASEE Live Digital Customer Onboarding Solution for all branches countrywide.

Customer onboarding and ID verification is one of the main reasons for customers to visit bank branches. Following the regulation of the Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency allowing banks to acquire customers remotely as of May 1, 2021, customer onboarding can now be carried out digitally. ASEE Live Digital Onboarding Solution, through collaboration with Genesys and Amani, offers end-to-end Digital ID Authentication, Call Center and Video Call Solutions.

Anadolubank customers will now have the opportunity to securely complete a remote identification via video calls and establish contractual relationship without having to visit any branch. ASEE solution has an automatic 4D biometrics engine matching customer and the identity information more precisely than a human eye. The integrated multi-channel communication center saves time and provides comfort both for customers and Anadolubank employees.