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ASEE in Macedonia Completed Most Complex Banks’ Merger in SEE Region

We are delighted to announce that ASEE in Macedonia was part of one of the biggest banking events in the history of banking in North Macedonia.

The ASEE team has flawlessly completed the most complex project of a full integration of two major banks, Sparkasse and Ohridska Banka. The successful merger of these two banks has positioned the new integrated bank in the top four banks on the Macedonian market by assets.

Through extreme dedication, commitment and professionalism of the whole team, ASEE has managed to lead the project completely remotely by using different online tools and techniques for project organization. Despite the challenging pandemic year, new working conditions and global world changes, ASEE succeeded in online coordination of many teams, external and internal resources including senior executives, merger consultants, human resources and due diligence team members. However, one of the most important role in this process of the banks’ integration belonged to the ASEE integration management team, who acted as a voice for others and ultimately drove the integration process.

The project scope included multiple complex process such as migration and merger of the core banking systems of both banks, implementation of new ASEE various products of almost all product lines, upgrade of local and group reporting. In parallel, ASEE team managed to upgrade the banking system with all the requirements from Steiermärkische Sparkasse GROUP, and the efficient delivery has been approved by the significantly satisfied clients.

Taking almost two years to complete, the project has been completed with a big success.

The final integration and release to use of the new integrated banking system has been delivered within a time frame of less than 48 hours.

The shined synergy between the teams was witnessed through a smooth co-action, support and cooperation.

Now, we can proudly announce that, the merger was officially effective from July 20th.

The long-term benefits of this integration have yet to be felt, however, it has been marked as the most important economy event on North Macedonian market and the SEE region.