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ASEE Joins Forces with Helius Systems in Albania

ASEE, one of the largest IT companies in South-East Europe, part of Asseco Group, continues to expand in the region and makes new strategic investment by joining forces with Helius Systems in Albania, one of the key local players on the market.

Helius Systems provides own products and solutions in the field of Postal Services Digitalization, Notary Systems and Process Automation, Micro-financing Loan Management and Accounting Systems, Core Banking Systems for retail banks, Payment Platforms and Payment Gateways, E-wallet Solutions, implemented for over 15 years on the Albanian & global markets.

ASEE and Helius will accelerate the development of existing solutions and new services dedicated to customers in Albania and scale them in the SEE region and also expand new solutions to the global market.

 “Our entry into the ASEE Group is a key milestone for the company's’ modernization and innovation and expanding business opportunities in Albania and in the region. It also represents a chance for the company's expansion to the global market. It is certain that ASEE Group, through its operations in 23 countries, can unlock a further diversification of our client base by expanding into new markets. Together, we can achieve better business results. On the other hand, Helius Systems, as a local leader in the field mentioned prior, will complement the ASEE product portfolio with its products, strengthen and confirm the leadership position of the ASEE in new or existing industrial verticals", said Alkid Ademi, Director of Helius Systems."

“We are very happy to welcome the strong team of Helius Systems in ASEE Group. With this Acquisition we are bringing in an interesting set of products in Notary, Banking and Payments, which we see a big potential to grow on the markets we operate. This Acquisition is also a strong indication of our interest to increase our operations, grow the team  and our presence on the growing Albanian IT market. We strongly believe in the potential that IT talent of Albania which will help us grow together not only on the Albanian market but well beyond ”, commented Ardian Shehu, Country Leader, ASEE Albania & Kosovo.