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ASEE Launches Improved Front-end Application for Banks and Payment Institutions

As we have witnessed working closely with our clients, branch digitalization and process improvement remain significant factors in financial institutions’ daily operations. Applications used in branches (based on Oracle platform) needed modernization and UX uplift with greater number of functionalities, so ASEE set out to develop a new Front-end Application which would simplify the system settings, offer more functions and a new visual identity.

Having all this will optimize business processes and enable simpler implementation on the client’s side, since all that is needed is a web browser to run the application. This feature is especially beneficial to smaller banks and payment institutions.

The scope of activities included the transfer of the entire set of functionalities from the existing to completely new technology (Angular + REST API services), including all areas that a front-end application should have. For the development itself, it was necessary to create new API methods, as well as a completely new application using the Angular platform, which meant creating a new visual identity in addition to the development of basic functionalities. The project is a foundation for further development of such applications, using REST API services and front-end development solutions. It was completed in less than a year.