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ASEE Takes CEC Bank to Next Level in Open Banking

CEC Bank is the first bank in Romania to allow open banking to initiate payments, with the service being available in a first phase for clients with accounts at Banca Transilvania, Raiffeisen Bank and ING Romania, to which other banks will soon be added.

The new functionality was possible with the help of ASEE, the developer of the mobile banking application together with Finqware, a Romanian start-up specializing in integration applications and open banking.

This is the first implementation of such a functionality for ASEE in Romania, from the entire portfolio of internet and mobile banking solutions used by banking customers across the region. The project was an ambitious one and the results were delivered on time. It relied on the close collaboration between all the parties involved and ASEE found a strategic partner in CEC Bank in such a comprehensive innovation project. The integrated operation of customer banking is the beginning of a new type of financial services to be built using technology from banking applications.

CEC Bank's mobile banking application developed by ASEE registered a doubling of the number of users and a more than 110% increase in the number of transactions in 2020.