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ASEE Welcomes New Member - Things Solver, Advanced Analytics Company, to Strengthen its Commitment to Developing AI Powered Solutions

Pursuing its business expansion strategy, ASEE has joined forces with Serbia-based Things Solver, an advanced analytics company.

Things Solver is a Belgrade based company, founded in 2015 by two students and Big Data enthusiasts, Darko Marjanović and Miloš Milovanović. In the short 5 years of their existence, Things Solver’s innovative solutions in the field of various data analytics, anomaly detection and process analytics had gained great respect from large company clients. Today, Things Solver’s innovative solutions are used in Europe and North America across telecom, retail and banking industries.

With Artificial Intelligence excellence being the key strategic direction for ASEE in the upcoming years, this acquisition represents an important step for the Group to offer the best business value driven by data, empowering our software solutions with deep data insight capabilities, predictive analysis and generating business recommendations, all of which results in a better understanding of customers, business potential and opportunities for growth for our clients.

Joining forces with Things Solver will bring important synergy and accelerate the development of AI powered products and competitive solutions, to which we are committed.