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Asseco SEE 3D Secure Solution Helps Issuing Banks to Unify Online Purchase User Experience in 3D Secure Transition Period

Asseco SEE upgraded the existing 3D Secure ACS product based on 3DS v1.0.2 (TriDES ACS) to meet banks’ needs in a smooth transition to 3D Secure v2. Banks that upgrade their existing TriDES ACS ensure that their clients enjoy a unified User Experience across 3D Secure v1- and v2-compliant merchants.

User experience in 3D secure v1 and v2 is quite different due to Risk Assessment and Risk-Based Authentication, Merchant White Listing, but also enhanced authentication methods such as Biometry and Push. Buyers might be confused when they purchase from Merchants who support EMVCo 3DS2 and merchants who still use 3D Secure v1.0.2. Changes in authentication and purchase behavior might cause even more friction and confusion than the old version buyers are already used to with the v1. 

Additionally, when launching the EMVCo 3D Secure v2.0 specification back in 2016, EMVCo announced End of Support for the old 3D Secure v1.0.2 in December 2020. In early 3D Secure migration plans, it was expected that both versions would coexist during the so-called Transition Period from April 2019 (as the first mandate to support EMVCo v2) until the end of life of 3D Secure v1 in December 2020. Now, in mid-2020, according to card schemes information, only 25% of merchants in the EU area support EMVCo 3DS v2. Even though EMVCo or card schemes haven’t announced it, it is expected that they will extend the transition period. 

To get more information about upgrading your old 3D Secure v1.0.2 ACS to ensure a smooth transition period, please contact us at