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Asseco SEE Announces Leasing Software LeaseFlex Deployment with Egyptian Global Lease Company

[Press Release]: Asseco SEE (ASEE), part of Asseco Group, 6th largest software vendor in Europe, announced today the first phase of the deployment of its leasing software solution LeaseFlex at Global Leasing Company (GLC), a pioneer in leasing solutions in Egypt.

The business goals such as establishing leasing business with an end to end turn-key solution for all leasing offers and managing leasing processes for all services and markets on a single platform were achieved by customizing the solution specific to the MENA region with the dedicated ASEE team of leasing solution experts in Turkey.

The deployment included mainly end to end delivery of LeaseFlex with multi layered accounting structure, flexible payment plan calculation methods, provision calculation methods & revenue accrual structure, stoppage / withholding tax calculations, integrated limit structure with all transaction details, fast calculation screens aimed for the sales personnel and interest calculation functions & system capacity increase for the Arabic forms.  Moreover, LeaseFlex provided more business components including purchase management, rent plans, insurance management, current accounts, accounting, risk management, CRM, offer & pricing, credit evaluation, contract management, and collateral management modules.  

Hatem Samir, Global Leasing Company’s CEO,  said “Among 12 vendors, we have chosen Asseco SEE because the company has comprehensive resources with finance & leasing experience. Also, Asseco SEE team was able to challenge difficult market & geographic conditions to serve GLC and its multi-entity legal structure with LeaseFlex”.

Hatice Ayas, ASEE Turkey Country Leader, said “Global Leasing Company is a valued business partner of Asseco SEE and we are very proud to have finished the first phase of the project. We continue to develop the solution according to GLC and market needs”

About LeaseFlex:  Specialized for the needs of Financial Leasing, Operating Leasing and Equipment Finance Companies, LeaseFlex increases operational efficiency with a centralized, flexible, and ready-to-use platform with best business practices.

About GLC: GLC is a general lessor, provides all types of Leasing from plain vanilla to  highly structured leasing products and other financial & advisory services to the Egyptian market with a focus on specific markets & industries, including but not limited to Real Estate Development, Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Paper, Chemicals and Oil Services for both SMEs and large corporate market players.