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Asseco SEE in Serbia finalized implementation of new IT System in Komercijalna Banka

Asseco SEE in Serbia and Komercijalna banka finalized implementation of the new bank's IT System.

Asseco SEE in Serbia and Komercijalna banka finalized implementation of the new bank's IT System.

The project started a year ago and was planned to be completed in December 2008. According to global statistics, only 15% of large projects are carried in time and within budgets, so we can proudly state that our project was realized according to the best practices in this domain.

“Bearing in mind the size of the bank, amount of data, complexity of organization and business processes, this project is one of the largest in banking software migrations on the markets of SEE region”, stated Miodrag Mircetic, President of the Management Board of Asseco SEE in Serbia.

Komercijalna banka has already gained first benefits of new IT System. Since April this year, system for international bank's operations is in production, which increased efficiency in the work thru high degree of STP and cost consolidation in SWIFT domain network. Besides, back-office system for corporate loans and deposits is in production since August. In this segment, there is also increased efficiency with flexibility and agility in domain of creating new products and services for the bank's clients. After completion of the last phase, which was consisting of branch front office for retail and corporate customers, Komercijalna banka will get a modern and efficient IT System which will secure lower costs, higher efficiency and agility on market.