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Asseco SEE & Payten’s Successful Presentations at Technobank 2019

Asseco SEE and Payten participated in Technobank, a regional banking technology conference and exhibition, organized for the 19th time in Belgrade on 10-11 April.

The conference saw a high number of attendees from banking, payment and public sectors, who joined exciting presentations in the main conference program and the presentations and demos at Asseco SEE & Payten’s booth.

The opening address by the representatives of the National Bank of Serbia and the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication was followed by a welcome speech by Nenad Subotic, Director in Payten Serbia. He highlighted that the past year was a record-breaking one for the Asseco SEE Group, not only in financial terms but also related to the expansion to new markets after acquiring Necomplus.

In the presentations by Asseco SEE and Payten over the two conference days, the visitors were able to learn more about the implementation of a local law based on GDPR and discover that it does not have to be a horror story with adequate technology and support in place as provided by Asseco SEE. In addition, an overview of the instant payment system deployment so far and the expectations in phase III rose significant interest of the audience.

Another topic covered upcoming rules of payment card companies explaining how Payten and its Trides2 solution can help customers comply by using EMV 3DS v2 authentication without any worries. Furthermore, it was interesting to hear about the long-standing partnership between MasterCard and Payten, making additional use of the existing infrastructure and bringing extra comfort and rewards to the customers. The ones interested in the most efficient way to extend their ATM network were able to find out more about MoneyGet, an independent ATM network.

This year’s conference ended with the round table discussion on “New Payment Methods - Innovations from East and West” which shed light on numerous innovations in the payment industry around the globe and in the region, rising customer expectations and future predictions.