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Asseco SEE to Support Banks in Embracing SWIFT gpi Standard & Transforming Cross-Border Payment Experience

Keeping up with the industry trends and demand from its customers, Asseco SEE has developed a solution within its core banking system which will enable banks to comply with SWIFT gpi, a new standard in global payments.

SWIFT’s global payments initiative (gpi) provides a transformation in customers’ cross-border payment experience through quick and secure sending and receiving of funds and transparency in the payment process at any moment.

From the banking technology perspective, this means that banks will also need to adapt their core systems. Asseco SEE’s solution for SWIFT gpi will support them in delivering payments fast and enabling banks’ customers to track them from end to end. The solution will provide support for gCCT and gSRP for payments and inflows that must be processed through SWIFT gpi standards, filling out tags 111, 121,7 1F for different types of MT messages, sending status for inflows (Accepted, Rejected, Pending).

Full SWIFT gpi membership is optional, yet there are changes that are mandatory for all banks using SWIFT. Asseco SEE will support both groups of its customers through adequate changes related to its core system.

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