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Continuing Cooperation with Splitska banka

Asseco SEE has successfully completed another demanding project in the region - the roll-out of PUB Payment Services and Product Delivery System in Splitska banka, member of OTP Group.

Aspiring to offer the speed and simplicity of loan approval, the bank chose Product Delivery System as a web-based application allowing its clients to communicate with the bank from their stores and offices, without visiting the bank. Furthermore, another product from ASEE portfolio, foreign-currency payment services offered within PUB 2000, is also in production.

The first project between Asseco SEE and Splitska banka, then a member of Société Générale Group, was completed last year with great results and to mutual satisfaction. The team of 10 people from Asseco SEE implemented the application for international, cross-border and national payment transactions in time facing the end-of-year deadline for bank’s use of the old software. The effort was highly appreciated by the management of Splitska banka who regarded the project as a strategic one due to a broad scope of transactions and the expiration of the previously used solution.

Splitska banka is the fifth largest bank on the Croatian market, with a market share of 6.86% and more than 300,000 active clients.