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Cooperation between Privredna Banka Zagreb and Asseco SEE Experts Yields Exceptional Digital Banking Experience for Bank’s Customers

Privredna banka Zagreb, a member of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, has launched a brand new digital banking application, developed by Asseco SEE experts.

At this point the bank has around 500,000 customers who use internet banking, mobile banking or both services. Thus, the new application brings exceptional digital banking experience to all these customers, enables a more advanced and personalised communication as well as relationship management.

Some of the new application features are Fast balance or a quick account balance overview, which gives the users of mobile devices and Apple smart watches an insight into their account balances without logging into the application, and #withSIGN, an advanced electronic signature which replaces a handwritten signature and thus enables digital document signing, i.e. signing up for new products and services without visiting the bank’s branch offices. The application also includes #withSAVE, an innovative, impulsive and interactive method of saving money, which can make the user’s savings grow on a daily basis by making payments into a virtual piggy bank with a simple tap on the screen (the so-called small daily savings).

The application offers new payment possibilities like #withPAY, a feature which enables payments to the accounts of other PBZ users without entering their IBAN numbers, i.e. persons only have to be listed in the user’s mobile phone contacts and be part of the #withPAY community. The Trusted payees feature enables fast transfers without authorisation to the accounts marked as ‘trusted’ by the user (e.g. family members, partners, friends, etc.). Customers can use the Scan&Pay/Pick&Pay feature for scanning money orders without a 2D barcode, introduced as a useful addition to the existing 2D barcode reader. Login and order authorisation are simplified - customers can use fingerprint authentication, or, if they have iPhone X, the application also supports Face ID.

Fast transfers is another new feature, which enables simple transactions between payer and beneficiary accounts without PIN/#withKEY authorisation (authorisation is required only during the functionality activation). By using advanced mobile investment banking, customers can smoothly explore Investment funds, easily Buy/Sell/Switch orders and explore the best ways of managing their investments.