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Customers of Addiko Bank Croatia are Protected during Online Payment with Asseco SEE 3-D Secure ACS Hosting Service

Addiko Bank Croatia has started to use Asseco SEE 3-D Secure ACS hosting service to provide their customers with 3D secure fraud protection during online payment.

Clients who use VISA and MasterCard cards for online purchasing will authenticate themselves with PIN and One Time Password received by SMS message.

Recently, Asseco SEE has been approved by MasterCard and VISA as a SecureCode and VerifiedByVISA compliant ACS service provider. Having achieved a PCI DSS certificate as a prerequisite for this compliance approval by card schemes, Asseco SEE offers a 3-D Secure ACS hosting service for issuing banks and financial institutions.

By using the Asseco SEE ACS hosting service instead of in-house implementation, issuing institutions minimize time to market, reduce investment and operational costs for 3D secure compliance, and at the same time provide their customers with ultimate fraud protection during online payment. The quality of this service is additionally proven by the fact that there is a pipeline of 20+ issuer institutions that recognized our hosting benefits and will be onboarded to the company’s ACS hosting service within H1/2018.

During the implementation of the service, special attention is paid to 3D secure 2.0 requirements that enable issuer institutions and end users to have a smooth transition to a new platform. By using Asseco SEE SxS authentication features, the ACS hosting service also supports two-factor strong authentication aligned with PSD2 and 3D secure 2.0 requirements.