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Erste Bank Serbia Launches Instant Payment System with Asseco SEE as Outsourcing Provider

Asseco SEE has arranged with Erste Bank Serbia and completed deployment of the instant payment system in the SaaS mode – Payment Gateway, continuing implementation of its instant payment solution in line with the regulation that entered into force in October 2018.

Erste Bank recognized the value of Payment Gateway and entrusted 24/7 monitoring of the system to Asseco SEE. This outsourcing option includes a number of advantages, such as cost savings related to hiring and investment in new equipment, along with the high system availability and operation, monitoring and supervision 24/7/365.

At the end of 2018, Asseco SEE deployed the outsourcing option of instant payment system (IPS) in more than eight banks. Erste Bank is also supported by Asseco SEE after the successful implementation of the solution that is operational according to the NBS regulatory requirements and with mandatory availability.

Satisfied with the project completion, Erste Bank Serbia is planning future steps in the Instant Payment System Phase 2, which can also be put into practice together with Asseco SEE experts.