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First Implementation of Asseco GDPR Governance Solution in Direktna Banka Serbia

Asseco SEE has supported Direktna Banka ad Kragujevac in meeting the requirements of the latest Law on Personal Data Protection by implementing Asseco GDPR Governance, a new solution in Asseco SEE portfolio.

The Law on Personal Data Protection, which was adopted in November 2018 and entered into force in August 2019 in Serbia, has introduced new rules for organizations which process personal data of citizens. These rules refer to the conditions for data processing and protection measures and are largely in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Within a very short time, Asseco SEE and the bank’s teams together implemented Asseco GDPR Governance solution, which is a structured, automated and comprehensive system for compliance with the requirements of the local Law on Personal Data Protection and GDPR. The solution provides a unique view of personal data used in the bank's business processes, data management and easy processing of customer requests. Furthermore, the implementation of Web API interface enables easy integration with other components of the information system, regardless of their technology.

To learn more about Asseco GDPR Governance solution and how your organization can benefit from it, please contact us directly.