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First PSD2 Deadline is Here: Intensive Implementation of Asseco SEE’s PSD2 Enabler as On-Premise or SaaS in SEE Region

As the clock is ticking and the first PSD2 deadline arrived, the banks in the European Union are working hard on the implementation of a PSD2 solution that will enable them to meet the compliance requirements and timeline.

Since the announcement of the first implementation of PSD2 Enabler at MeDirect Bank that operates in Malta and Belgium, Asseco SEE has partnered with a number of banks in the SEE region in order to provide them with the technology and support needed to be operational and compliant under PSD2. The company has been actively involved in projects with seven banks in Romania and Croatiawith first Sandboxes just delivered,  which are among the markets where Asseco SEE is recognized as a reliable vendor with excellent knowledge of the local market and international know-how.The PSD2 implementation projects include deployment of PSD2 Enableran end-to-end solution compliant with the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 API standard and NISP certification, in the form that suits banks’ requirements best – either as on-premise or SaaS model.

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