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Get ready for IFRS 9 on time & with minimum effort!

Although mandatory implementation of IFRS 9 is just around the corner, it is still possible to meet the target easily, efficiently and without falling behind. Wondering how?

With a firm plan, commitment of resources, and collaboration between Risk and Finance. Bearing this in mind, Asseco SEE has developed a solution designated to facilitate your transition to IFRS 9 and assist you in conducting necessary processes and generating internal IFRS 9 reports. Our experienced professionals are ready to help you understand the impact of the new standard, guide you through the implementation process and support the requirements of your specific internal methodology.

Still considering which methodology to apply? Test it first, then decide.

Since the regulation doesn’t specify explicitly how you should implement the standard in order to meet the demands, you are considering for sure which methodology to apply. No stress needed here – Asseco IFRS 9 Impairment Solution allows you to test various scenarios before choosing the adequate methodology for impairment calculation in line with IFRS 9 and, what’s equally important, choosing the one that fits your institution best. This modular solution also lets you decide whether to use all the functionalities or to implement only specific modules.

Manage the calculation process independently.

The accounting standard IFRS 9 requires a more sensitive approach to credit risk identification and complex impairment calculations resulting in higher credit loss allowances. Asseco solution designated for this purpose allows you to parameterize it without making any changes in the code. Even more, you can manage the calculation of impairments independently and monitor client portfolio effectively, without asking your IT support for help.

Take control of the calculation process.

This is your opportunity to start the calculation process and make manual corrections if necessary on your own. Need to roll back to a previous calculation? No problem, just recall it from the calculation history because you’ll have a history of calculations and parameterizations accessible at any time. And when you need a new calculation, you’ll be relaxed because you know it will be accurate, done in an hour and without adding additional burden to the core system. No missed deadlines, no tension.

For more information about the offer, please visit Asseco IFRS 9 Impairment Solution.