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How to Provide Video Call Support to Customers in Digital World

Driven by the current customer support trends recently, many organizations have invested in digital channels and self-service for interaction with their customers. As the world responds to digital technologies more during the Covid-19 quarantine, many organizations need to provide omnichannel customer experience and it becomes crucial for your organization to support your customers through video chat.

Call center platforms with video chat option enable your company to offer face to face engagement, more human friendly and real-time support.  Not only do your customers feel better about your brand but also they feel safer. That’s why we have integrated our in-house developed video chat channel, Live, to Genesys PureEngage and PureConnect platforms.

Developed by Asseco, Live is an omnichannel customer experience management platform and Live Virtual Branch Video is a next generation solution to the traditional call center software.  Live Virtual Branch Video enables contact centers with an alternative video chat channel connecting mobile and web users with agents at PureConnect or PureEngage environment.  Live Virtual Branch Video manages the video chat session and it is the main tool that connects customers with the contact center agent through video streaming.

For more information, please visit Live Virtual Branch Video page.