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Increased Loan Origination Efficiency Through Product Delivery Solution Implementation in Vojvođanska banka

Following the decision to merge two members of the OTP group - Vojvođanska banka and OTP banka Srbija into one entity in 2021, it was necessary to rescale and integrate IT systems of both banks including Software Infrastructure in order to support the merger.

In this process,  ASEE has been recognized as a strategic partner and was recommended by OTP banka (ex Societe Generale Srbija) to implement Product Delivery in Vojvođanska banka, with the intention to continue with its utilization in the future OTP Bank in Serbia, after the merger of two banks.The project was conducted in stages, with the first stage covering the introduction of Overdraft approval in June 2020, while the remaining processes for banking products sold through a POS network were delivered in December 2020. Furthermore, Digital Branch and Agroinvest channels, as the tools to acquire new clients and increase sales potential, were also in scope of the project.

Even though facing difficulties in terms of the organization of large teams on both sides due to COVID 19 circumstances, short period and complexity of the implementation itself, Product Delivery was successfully implemented within planned timeframe and in line with high quality standards. The Client now experiences the benefits of simple loan approval with some segments of this process being fully automated. Additionally, application inflow is now not limited only to Branch, having introduced Digi Branch, POS and Agroinvest as additional sales channels.