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Instant Payment System for Ultimate Customer Convenience & Regulatory Compliance

ASEE Success Story with Banka Poštanska Štedionica

The banking industry has transformed immensely over the past decade impacted by a wave of changes in technological, market and regulatory landscapes. Within the transformation, enhancement of customer experience and banks’ offering have been among top priorities on the agenda.

Since 2018, the banks in Serbia have been gradually implementing the instant payment system requirements following the regulation of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS). The regulation aimed to modernize the payment system in the country in a way similar to the activities taken by most advanced countries worldwide. The system which makes it significantly easier for customers to do their banking transactions enables real-time execution of payments up to a defined limit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including state holidays.

Responding to the challenges and reshaping of the banking system, which asks for 24/7 availability and immediate realization of transactions, Banka Poštanska Štedionica partnered with ASEE on a large-scale and demanding project of implementing and making the instant payment system fully operational within a short time frame.


Download the case study to find out more about the project.