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Integration of Sparkasse AD Skopje and Ohridska AD Skopje lead by Asseco SEE kicks off in Macedonia

Asseco SEE has won a complex project in Sparkasse AD Skopje where it is expected that two of the top 5 biggest banks in Macedonia, Sparkasse Banka and Ohridska Banka, will be merged into one.

Asseco SEE team is given the honor and responsibility to lead the integration project including:

  • Migration and merging of core banking systems of both banks - The merging will be done in such a way that all required data from the core banking system of Sparkasse Bank AD Skopje will be transferred (migrated) to the IT system of Ohridska Bank AD Skopje.
  • Implementation and required adjustments of the mutual core system.
  • Upgrading core banking system of Ohridska Banka with all group requirements from Steiermärkische Sparkasse GROUP.

The process of integration and implementation will include Asseco SEE’s various products of almost all product lines.

It is expected that the new integrated bank will be one of the top 4 banks in Macedonia by total assets, that will further strengthen its position on the domestic and international market.

This project is one of the most challenging projects taking into consideration the current working conditions during the corona pandemic.

In accordance with the project plan, the new integrated bank is planned to be live no later than end of Q2 2021.