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Intesa Digical Program Reaches 200.000 Users Milestone in CIB Bank!

CIB Bank mobile application continues to bring success reaching a high number of 200.000 users.

The milestone builds on previous recognition from the Hungarian market - the application has been awarded MasterCard's prize for 1st Retail Mobile and Online Solution of the Year 2016 and Mediadesign Award in 2018, providing a great boost on the market for Asseco SEE as well. The solution is a result of very close collaboration of Intesa's International Subsidiary Banks Division, ITDC, CIB and Asseco Mobile and Authentication Teams within the Digical program.

Besides usual mobile banking features, the program is bringing to the Bank's clients attractive functionalities like #withCash (ATM withdrawals without physical card); #withPay  (community payments based on a phone number of the contacts on the device), #withSave (gamified savings product), Preapproved loans contracting with Remote Digital Signature, advanced Investments trading  etc.

Good news is also coming from Albania, where ISPBA Mobile Banking application was officially launched in February 2019 as part of Digical - we're looking forward to reaching similar milestones in the near future!