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Tableau's Strategic Partner Kara Consulting and ASEE Collaborate to Enrich the Advanced Dashboard Module of InACT Anti-fraud Solution with Tableau Features

The following sample analyses can be done using Tableau features :

  • The transactions made by the customers can be examined on the map according to the location of the transactions, details can be accessed from the summary information, actions can be taken for the cards and accounts used in the transactions that are confirmed to be fraudulent transactions.
  • It can be determined in which locations the transactions detected to be fake are cumulated.
  • Customer transactions can be analyzed on the chart as daily, weekly, monthly totals so that spikes can be seen if any.
  • Incoming transactions can be shown on the map by country and city.
  • Managerial dashboards can be designed.
  • It is possible finding clusters in data.
  • It is possible to build predictive models and generate predictions about your data.