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Technobank 2017 Held in Belgrade Powered by Asseco SEE

On 29-30 March, Asseco SEE traditionally took part in Technobank, a banking technologies conference and exhibition organized for the 17th time in Belgrade.

As the General Sponsor of the event, Asseco SEE had a notable participation both in the main conference program and the presentations and demos at its booth.

In their addresses to the audience, ASEE representatives emphasised the constant need for innovation in order to exceed customers’ expectations and meet their requirements, especially through the integration of all banking channels.

One of the presentations focused on ATM as an integral part of a digital banking strategy and the importance of knowing your customers. “Based on the ASEE experience and engagement in the area of self-service devices, we see possibilities to develop a new and improved approach to the existing ATM systems. We have created an advanced ATM channel that will satisfy requirements of all the participants, banks and clients. With this improved approach, we can close the gap between bank’s expectations and client’s needs. What banks gain is an advanced and profitable channel, while customers will have a new personalized user experience, with all ATM transactions tailored to every individual client,” said Ivan Stijović, Asseco SEE Account Manager.

Another topic covered refers to eCommerce and making payment easy. The statistics stated at the conference, based on the information from the National Bank of Serbia, showed an increasing number of card transactions online and current trends in Europe and Serbia, with a striking finding that more people buy using foreign websites. What Asseco SEE has to offer in this field includes NestPay – eCommerce Payment Gateway, Merchant Safe Unipay – eCommerce Payment Platform for Merchants, and ChipCard’s eCommerce system. To make the presentation even more interesting, a special guest, Lalafo, an online platform for selling and buying goods, was invited for providing direct insights into the topic.

Asseco SEE also presented its project on establishing the first paperless and mobile branch in Serbia, a new solution enabling banks to prepare for the implementation of IFRS 9 standard, and a lot of other first-hand information and demos to visitors at the booth.

This year’s Payment & Digital Journey ended with the round table discussion on “Digital Banking Ecosystem - From Technology, Via Regulations, Towards Frictionless Customer Experience” highlighting necessary cooperation between vendors, banks, investors and other stakeholders, and their joint efforts in responding to customers’ preferences in the digital age.