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Sberbank Entrusts Asseco SEE with ATM Outsourcing

Sberbank in Serbia has chosen Asseco SEE as a reliable IT company for ATM outsourcing.

The project involves replacement of the bank’s entire ATM network and delivery of state-of-the-art self-service devices, offering advanced functionalities developed locally by ASEE. The bank’s network will include 40 outsourced ATMs in total.

ATM Outsourcing is a service providing plentiful advantages to customers, such as reduced operational costs and no initial investments. Furthermore, a single point of contact and having one partner responsible for everything significantly facilitate daily operations and communication related to the ATM network. Banks can also have greater possibilities to direct funds to their core business, focus on human resources and strategic plans, while Asseco SEE takes care of full ATM maintenance and staying up to date with current technologies.