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From Breaking Records Towards New Markets

A message from Piotr Jeleński

I am pleased to state that last year was the best year in the history of the ASEE Group in terms of financial results. The company recorded 17% increase in sales revenues compared with the same period of 2017, generating EUR 157 million at the end of 2018. The biggest sales revenues came from the Systems Integration business unit amounting to EUR 61.5 million, up 26% compared with the end of 2017. The second was Payment business unit, operating under new Payten brand, where sales revenues amounted to EUR 57.3 million, up 15% compared with the same period of the previous year. The increases were also visible in the Banking business unit whose sales revenues reached EUR 38.2 million, up 7% compared with four quarters of the previous year. In Payten, the biggest revenues were traditionally recorded by ATM related services business line and the Processing line of business saw the biggest increases, amounting to as much as 30%. In the Banking Business Unit the biggest growth was visible in the core banking and in the mobile solutions business lines.

We have started a new year with the completion of the demerger of Payment Business Unit into Payten brand with Turkey being the last country to finalize the process. We have also strengthened our payment business by purchasing 67.66% of the shares of Spanish Necomplus until now held by Asseco Poland. I expect that acquiring this multinational with over 25 years’ experience in payment solutions and customer service and the presence in 6 countries will accelerate Payten’s geographical expansion. Apart from that we have signed or completed a number of new interesting agreements within Payment business, Banking and Systems Integration recently. Our over 15 successful co-operation with Raiffeisen Bank Serbia resulted in classifying Asseco SEE as the only strategic vendor of the bank. We have also completed the first implementation of PSD2 Enabler Package at MeDirect Bank that operates in Malta and Belgium. Since than Asseco SEE has partnered with a number of banks in the SEE region in order to provide them with the technology and support needed to be compliant under PSD2. I am also pleased to say that Intesa Digical Program, which is run thanks to the collaboration of Intesa's International Subsidiary Banks Division, ITDC, CIB and Asseco Mobile and Authentication Team, has reached 200.000 users milestone in CIB Bank. Furthermore, ASEE has recently implemented a solution which accelerates loan processes for small business and entrepreneurs in Credit Agricole bank in Serbia as well as a solution that enables online loan applications for enterprises at Sberbank. Thanks to the implementation of our electronic banking solution for individuals at Komercijalna banka a.d. Podgorica, the bank’s customers can have their funds available 24/7 across web and mobile channels. Zagrebačka banka & UniCredit bank in BiH have just launched innovative products based on Asseco HCE payment solution. Whereas ASEE Enterprise Fraud Monitoring & Prevention solution InAct has been chosen by Ininal, Turkey’s next generation payment platform. These are a few examples of innovative solutions which we have implemented lately and which make a very good start of the year for the ASEE Group. Enjoy reading more details about the projects.

I expect more good deals resulting from our competences within digital transformation, payments and systems integration to come throughout the year as well as more acquisitions strengthening and expanding our business to be completed in the near future.


Piotr Jeleński

CEO, Group President of Management Board of Asseco South Eastern Europe